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Your Body Essentials


Due to Covid19, there has been an extreme decrease in the availability of essential oils from our suppliers. We will only use high quality essential oils in our Handcrafted Soap. We thank you for your continued support during this time. Please be patient as we slowly rebuild our stock.   

Thank you, Norma Clutter


Your Body Essentials sits outside a little town called Wilkesville, located in Southeastern Ohio. We have been making our Handmade Goat's Milk Soap since 1999. Along with our Handcrafted Goatsmilk Shampoo and Body Bars we now also offer a great selection of All Natural Deodorant in four pure essential oil blends and a variety of Lip Loving Lip Balm.

To purchase our Handcrafted Goats Milk Soap, click Full Size Bath Bars

To purchase our All Natural Deodorant, click All Natural Deodorants 



Your Body Essentials 

Goat’s Milk Soap Facts


We use local Goats Milk 

We only use skin loving essential oils our soap and deodorant.  

We NEVER use artificial fragrance oil in our soap or deodorant.

Your soap will last longer if allowed to drain in between uses.

Handmade soap gets harder and lasts longer if allowed to "breathe"

We carry soap in unscented. Please choose this soap if you are extremely scent sensitive.

Essential Oils are known to have health benefits, NO specific health claims are made on these soaps. You will however, be clean and smell nice after using it. :)