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Peaceful by Nature Farm is nestled in the Appalachian Mountain foothills in Southeastern Ohio. We have been making our Handmade Goat's Milk Soap since 1999, with many years going into research and development.  We make our soap the old fashioned way so that it retains it’s natural glycerin in the soapmaking process. Our soap is very mild and has been used on our children and grandchildren for many years. We now also offer a great selection of Beard Grooming Oils and Shaving Soap. 

For a list of our Goats Milk Soap, click here


Peaceful by Nature Farm’s

Goat’s Milk Soap Facts


1. We use the freshest Goats Milk from our own beautiful Nubian and LaMancha Dairy Goats at our small farm here in SE Ohio.

2. We only use skin loving essential oils from natural sources for scenting our soap.  

3. We do not color our soap.  Natural coloration from essential oils used for scent will show up differently in each batch.

4. Your soap will last longer if allowed to drain in between uses.

5. Our soap retains the natural glycerin that is produced during the soapmaking process.

6. We carry soap in unscented please choose this of these soaps if you are extremely scent sensitive.

7. We do not wrap our soap in plastic.  Allowing soap to breathe helps it last longer. 

8. In time the scent in your soap may fade some; this is natural with essential oils.  We suggest using your soap within six months.

9. Essential Oils are known to have health benefits, however no specific health claims are made on this soap. But we promise you will be clean after using it. 

10.  Thank you and we hope you enjoy our all-natural goats milk soap. :)